Saturday, 8 January 2011

Buon Anno a Tutti

It's here as promised. A brand new year (a brand new decade too, according to some bloke I met at the New Year's Eve party). So I wish everybody lots of luck and happiness in 2011. Who knows what surprises the new year will bring? I'm sitting in a new flat, so that's one change already. Is it now time to switch to saying twenty-eleven too?

This New Year was spent in Turin in full Italian style. We had a sit down meal followed by lentils and cotechino and of course the inescapable panettone. Then we had fireworks, sparklers and bangers in the garden, though I passed on the bangers part after Marco told me how he once nearly lost a finger from them. New Year's Eve in Italy is dangerous! The following morning everybody watches the news to see how many people died in Naples from stray bullets. We had to get up the next day for lunch with A's family, which was more prosecco, cotechino, lentils, fish, castrated cockerel, potatoes, risotto, stewed fruit and yet more panettone. I tried hard to eat some more lentils because superstition says that every lentil you eat on New Year's Day brings you money in the coming year. Thank goodness there wasn't any zampone.

Cotechino and Lentils

I also have some sad news. During the Christmas period Nonno G passed away so it was a sad christmas for the family. Please send them some more love if you have any to spare, especially to Nonna who misses him a lot. Rest in peace Nonno, and know how much you are loved.

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