Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Silly Season

I think the winter's getting to us. The cold weather is bringing out a little crazy in everybody. Take today for example. I went swimming this morning in the snow. I'm not the kind of person that goes exercising let alone walk to the swimming pool in the pouring snow.

Then, as happens post physical activity, my blood pressure and sugar took a sudden nosedive in the afternoon so I dizzily made my way to the nearest bar and had a quick caffe macchiato. I also got a "takeaway" marocchino for my boss in the smallest plastic cup you have ever seen because she too is suffering from silly-seasonitis and claimed it would be "more substantial" than a simple espresso. As I made my way back with my tiny take away, complete with mini tin foil cap and sachet of sugar, a man said "ciao" to me and then quickly "Simone arriva questa sera. Vero?" Who the hell is this is, I thought, he must have mistaken me for someone else. "Non ti conosco" ("I don't know you" - with the familiar you) I said quite abruptly and sailed on my way.

Sh*****t. Simone. That would be my next student. And that would be his father I was just quite rude to. I appologised twice. I might appologise again next time I see him.

A's Mum has caught the bug as well. She, like every member of A's family is super excited about the royal wedding, and she like everybody else seems to think I have must have more up-to-date information than she does because I am English. Her Christmas present request, nay, demand, is...wait for it... a bag of tetly tea and a snow globe with William and Kate.*

I think the silly season prize however is awarded to A's Dad. We all know he's a little right wing, (he votes for Mr B. because he doesn't like communists). Hit lastest outburst on Romanians (a communist people) went, in English, something like this, "Those bl**dy Romanians, coming to our country with all their Christmas trees. Christmas is starting far too early these days!"

I let out a rather unbecoming shriek of laughter and his girlfriend and son did get him to admit that it was a bit unfair but it was very funny. Having been mistaken for a Romanian myself once in a hairdressers (a long story) I've heard quite a few things that Romanians have been blamed for but this was by far the most original.

May the silly season bring you all the best that it has to offer. Pinchpunchfirstofthemonthblackandwhiterabbitsandnoreturns.

*Please, please, if anyone sees one of these I will be very very grateful if you could let me know.

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See, I was right, there were things to do online yesterday to help you survive those 2 hrs before your first lesson =)