Thursday, 18 November 2010

I Love Dinosaurs

Aia! Last night we went to see our new landlord to sign the contract for the new house. The man can talk. He told me in English that he likes to "chatter" and certainly he does. After about an hour there it was about 10pm and he had only just asked us if we would like to see the contract.
Would we?
Yes we would!
We didn't get home until 1am.

He's been very kind actually, despite his verbosity he seems like a nice chap; thorough to the extreme but perhaps that's not such a bad thing when we're looking at contracts.  He took a shine to A and I when we went to look around and so he's holding the flat for us for a month so that we don't have to pay two rents.

Fortunately we signed the contract before he discovered I'm not free at the moment to teach private lessons. He wants me to teach his daughter and her friends after school. This week I organised my first one and it finishes at 9pm. I don't think I want too many more. Socialising is difficult this year!
(Sorry peeps. You are all just going to have to stop working mornings like me and we can have some fun.)

Obviously all these mornings free are very nice for lie ins and a good compensation for working evenings but on my own I seem to be watching far too much America's Next Top Model. I think I'm addicted (especially after watching them get helplessly lost in Milan - come on guys the metro's not that complicated!). I need help because there are 15 seasons and I've still got.... 13 and a half seasons left to watch...

If only it would stop raining. Still that's not preventing me from exercising. I have been learning and choreographing some wicked new songs to use with the students. The Octopus one gets us all out of breath (a lot of wiggling and squiggling) but I have a feeling it's nothing compared to the new Dinosaur song that is brewing.

As I stood in my empty classroom at 2pm, bored, I decided to work out the moves for it and learn the tune. Was so busy working out how to work in "The dinosaurs were big and fast" with some amazing T Rex style moves (to be done in a circle with preferably at least 8 kids) that I forgot the windows are big.

Outside there was a middle aged lady waiting for someone. She was watching me. She was not amused. It took the wind out of my sails. Briefly.

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