Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Fantastic Food Quiz

Before we start this traditional beginning of the year lesson there are some very important things I need to say to you.

The first is that you must come prepared to these lessons. That means come on time, turn your phones off* (at this point scrabbling in pockets occurs) with a positive attitude and your homework.

The second is that you respect the classroom. That means you put rubbish in the bin, and are careful of the paintwork. The owner is very proud of her office and I'd like to keep it that way.

Thirdly I expect you all to respect each other. That means listen. Not just to me but to each other.

Ok, good. Now you are silent and can see I can spout as many teaching cliches as the best of 'em we may begin the ENGLISH (THOUGH SLIGHTLY SCOTTISH) FOOD QUIZ EXTRAVAGANZA!

1. What two things may you add to your tea?
"Lemon" and "sugar" ? - half a point only sorry

2. At what time of day can you drink tea?
The good thing about this question is that you can not get it wrong.

3.'Tea' is another name for which meal?
Confused WTF faces. I need to reword this question. Actually I've already tried. It might just be the concept.

4. What is a traditional Sunday Lunch made of?
Favourite answer so far "porage" closely followed by "Potatoes. They eat potatoes with everything."

5. What time of day do people eat dinner usually in the UK.
Allow anything between 5-7.30. Strangely they all get this right, no doubt from having heard the horror stories.

6. What percentage of the population is vegetarian?
Hah! You don't know either. You'll just have to guestimate.

7. What is shortbread?
What now?! Pane corto?!

* I know you will put it on silent. I only said "switch it off" so that you think you win by putting it on silent.  Mwahahahahaha....

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