Friday, 24 September 2010

Words that begin with A

It's Milan Chaos Week also know as Milan Fashion Week. I took my camera out to Duomo, but the interesting fashion people were hiding and I only saw one male model who was looking exceedingly grumpy. There are quite a lot of girls about though, tall as trees and thinner than saplings clutching portfolios. Not where I work mind you, but it does make the metro a little fuller than normal. And if having about twice the normal population on the streets wasn't enough, the metro got flooded when two of the rivers broke their banks, so I will have to be devious next week when I try and head north. I had seen the warning signs in the metro explaining something was going on but until today had no-one to explain to me what it meant. Allagamento (flood) will now be stuck in my head forever.

As will "acconto" (deposit) and "assegno" (cheque). It's enrolment time and time for me to eat some humble pie. My Italian is really not as good as I thought it was, probably because I hadn't put it in any challenging situations for a while. Got a bit sharp with one poor mother when I she asked to do "l'acconto" (deposit) and I heard "lo sconto" (discount). Oops.

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