Friday, 24 September 2010

Painting in Progress

A couple of weeks ago I got some new paints. Here is the fruition of this investment. After a couple of dodgy over ambitious landscapes I finally settled on a classic scene form Rome that A took in Trastevere.

Step 1. Rough sketch and lay out.

Step 2. Take picture of sketch for blog and realise that door is wonky. This is actually a great way of looking at a picture with fresh eyes. I may well do this again in future.

Step 3. Choose paints (as few colours as possible as my Art teacher taught me).

Step 4. Paint picture quickly (to avoid boredom and over working).

Ok the door is still a little wonky, but I wasn't really aiming for a photo finish. The thing that I'm most pleased with are the walls and their finishing touch - streaks of car-blue. Until I added them the car looked a bit super imposed, but it looks more anchored. In hindsight a touch more door-green would have hurt in the car blue, but I'm pleased anyway.

Sometimes, though, I think the paint pallet itself is the best looking thing to come out of it. Hmmm that gives me an idea....

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Luke Darracott said...

Love it. I wish I had some discernible talent in that area.