Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dreaming of Blue

I'm dreaming of blue. A beautiful turquoise blue. The kind of blue that fills your eyes and soul... a corsican blue!

Had just the perfect week in Corsica in and around Bonifacio. The sea was so calm and the water's so turquoise and that deep marine blue that you only see in documentaries. I learnt to swim better in these confidence giving waters to the point where I was even able to 'snorkel' a bit with goggles.

So relaxing to think of the fish feeding and the silver and rainbow colours on their flanks glinting as they edge away from me in their little shoals among the weeds. And the weeds are like the fairytale forests of folklore. You don't want to put your feet down. Who knows what's lurking?

And now whenever I get a glimpse of blue sky from the tram window, I'm back there, dreaming of blue....

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Neutrino said...

But where is the "Beach of Bad Hair"?