Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The Easter feel certainly had hold of me on Wednesday as that evening I left to join the family in the traditional trip to Liguria, (how very obliging of them for them to go on holiday only two and a half hours by train from me).

Despite the delay and a slightly pungent train (smelling just like the old trains we used to get through my village where you had to lean out and undo them from the outside)I got to see the stunning views as we crossed Lombardy. Crossing the impeccably flat plains of the Po valley with the white white Alps to the right, and the lush Ligurian hills to the left; a very dramatic and implausible landscape indeed.

Of course by the time I got to Genoa it was dark as I had set off after work, which was a shame as I have a strange feeling of affinity for this town despite having never gone there in the light. Probably I should write because I have never gone there in the light, since A seems to think it would probably be a letdown. Mind you, how much of a letdown can one of the best aquariums in Europe complete with Penguins be, I ask you?

All in all my four and a half days in Liguria were excellent, lots of different types of weather complemented by lots of different types of foccaccia and icecream. The Cinque Terre are simply beautiful and I leave you with one of the best pics form the trip. What more need I say?!

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