Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Milan Summer Look

Dear all, it's high time for a fashion up date. I can't really believe I've spent so long (well, four months) living in the capital of fashion and failed so far to blog about it. Well, now's the time to reveal this season's trends since the sun's making an appearance more and more this past week and people are wearing their black coats less and less.

In fact it's been so warm, I regretted having a long sleeved top during Monday's fire drill, and then took the opportunity to sunbathe in a park between lessons. I even ate an icelolly, un ghiacciolo, (don't ask me to pronounce it, I'm constantly being corrected).

Unfortunately my wardrobe mainly consists of winter clothes, having moved to Italy at the end of September. This would be a great excuse to go shopping, but I'm trying to save money for a summer holiday, (Crete? Corsica? Suggestions on a post card please!), so it is with impatience that I wait for my parents to arrive for their weekend in Milan, hopefully bringing with them a suitcase of summer clothes and tea bags.

So what fashions will we be following this summer?

Well this morning illuminating the concrete jungle as I sat on my balcony in pink tracky Bs and a yellow strappy top I was imitating the Italian-Middle-Aged-Man. I.M.A.M (very unlike the model of the same name) gets to a certain age and then decides he is bored of the black suit he has been wearing most of his life and bursts out upon the world in red, orange and yellow trousers. To top off this summer look you will need to mismatch as much as possible, preferably with a velour brown jacket.

Or perhaps, as I did on Monday, you might want to imitate Poor-Extra-Communitaria-Woman fashion, which as in Russia with the elderly, involves heavy knit wear whatever the temperature. So don't worry, those cable knit sweaters you bought last winter were a great investment.

Your other option, a personal favourite, is One-Colour-Chic. This season ladies are working purple or white head to toe, and one young lady I saw on the tram was resplendent in gold jacket, trousers, belt and and bag. Extra points to her for matching her accessories. Of course this is too much for many Italians shedding their winter black and if it's too much for you, you may wish to stick to all over beige instead.

You can even his and hers. I saw the cutest geekiest couple on my way home who were perfectly matching, in beige pumps, demure knee length skirt and cardy for her and beige trousers and jacket for him.

Of course it depends who you are trying to blend in with, if you're heading to the Tibetan Buddhist Centre, as I did yesterday, you may wish to wear bright red to fit in with the monks.* However I wouldn't recommend red shoes. As I went to find my pair of red shoes at the end of the session, I was shocked to find that a large percentage of the audience were also wearing red shoes and relocating my footwear was not as simple as I had been expecting. Sometimes it's not so easy to stand out.

*Nobody actually did this.

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